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Our local healthcare landscape, and the various modalities of providing healthcare treatments have changed over the years, accelerated by technology advancements and digitalisation. 

​Telemedicine offers a seamless platform option for individuals who seek a fuss free modality of obtaining medical consult, by helping to bridge the constraints of distance, time, and cost.

However, there are limitations – not all patients, conditions, and symptoms can be adequately managed over telemedicine. We will not be able to do a physical examination or hear your heart and lungs. Therefore, it is important to learn how to use telemedicine safely and responsibly.

Do keep a look out on our social media platforms for more information, as we start to roll out telemedicine services for the public.



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A whole spectrum of individualised and comprehensive health screening packages are readily available at the clinic. Depending on CHAS statuses, age, and the presence of existing underlying medical conditions, Singaporeans >= 40yo are entitled to government subsidy under the Screen-For-Life programme. Copayment ranges from $0 to $5.

Kindly contact our respective branches directly via email for corporate vaccination packages (>8 pax)

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Cervical cancer is highly preventable and curable when detected and treated early through regular screening. Under the current Screen-For-Life programme, sexually active Singaporean women >= 25yo can be screened for cervical cancer with significant government subsidy. A liquid based cytology smear or HPV DNA test will be performed depending on age and medical indications.


Protect yourself and your loves ones by boosting your immunity through the recommended vaccination regimes, so as to reduce the risks of developing severe complications from common infections. Depending on CHAS statuses, age, and underlying medical conditions, individuals can get their shots under the vaccination subsidy scheme (ie influenza, chickenpox, hepatitis B, HPV, pneumococcal etc).

Kindly contact our respective branches directly via email for corporate vaccination packages (>8 pax)

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